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Artisan productions

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  • Loom weaving © Lino Cianciotto
  • Detail of wood carving © Lino Cianciotto
  • Artisan shoemaker © Lino Cianciotto
  • Artisan tailor © Lino Cianciotto
  • Artisan weaver preparing woollen yarns © Lino Cianciotto

Atzara offers a variety of artisan productions to visitors. Creativity and craftsmanship of local artisans generates unique and precious items from simple materials such as wool, wood and leather. Wooden tools and pieces of furniture, once simply making part of daily life, have now become real works of art.
The century-old carpet and tapestry tradition comes back to life in the narrow streets of the old centre, echoing with the noise of old wooden looms operated by weavers.
Nature, too, is the inspirer of techniques making handicrafts more precious. Indeed, a few young artisans from Atzara have reinvented the ancient dying methods for wool and silk: green, yellow, red, brown, blue, black are obtained by using vegetal species and whatever nature has to offer – madder, nut hull, myrtle, daphne, alder bark, pomegranate rind, helichrysum and wild lavender (and even cochineal, a pest), which maintain their scent even onto finished garments.

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