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  • Typical bread of Atzara © Lino Cianciotto
  • Home-made bread, ‘focaccia’ © Lino Cianciotto
  • Home-made bread, ‘Coccoi’ with egg © Lino Cianciotto
  • The ‘Amaretti’ © Lino Cianciotto
  • Hazelnut fancy cakes © Lino Cianciotto
  • Bread with cheese and Bolognaise and wine of Fradiles winery © Lino Cianciotto
  • ‘Pane ‘e saba’ © Lino Cianciotto
  • ‘Pardulas’ © Lino Cianciotto

Atzara can boast a variety of most ancient dishes, handed down from ages to be kept alive in time.
Sa fregula istuffada, sa tumballa, sos malloreddos, sas suppas, su biradizzu, s’ortau, su gattou, sos bucconettes, su pani ‘e saba are many specialties still prepared in accordance with the tradition.
Among them are s’ortau, a delicious sausage made with entrails and pork, salt, pepper, parsley and dried tomatoes; another local specialty is su pani ‘e saba, in particular the floriu, a mixture of nuts, hazelnuts, pabassa (cooked must) and almonds as a garnishment.
Yet, the essential food is bread, traditionally handed down in several forms: su zicchi, made with superfine flour and worked in artistic forms; sa pogazza, a mixture of wholemeal and superfine flour, of irregular shape, mostly eaten in winter; su cruvarzu, made with wholemeal flour; su brufulittu, soft bread of superfine flour; su tiratile, a mixture of superfine and fine flour shaped as a wheel, made on the occasion of the festival of Sant’Antioco; sa fresa, su pistoccu and finally sa goccoi cun gerda, made with superfine flour mixed with bits of cooked lard.

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