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  • Valley between Atzara and Belvì © Lino Cianciotto
  • Morning view over the hills of Atzara © Lino Cianciotto
  • View over a vineyard © Lino Cianciotto
  • Ploughing and hoeing a vineyard with yoke of oxen © Lino Cianciotto
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  • Countryside of Atzara © Murru Gianluca
  • Snow-covered territory © Murru Gianluca
  • View © Murru Gianluca
  • Workshop for textiles colouring with dyeing plants © Lino Cianciotto

Environment stands as one of the strengths of Atzara.
A mountainous territory, marked by mostly schistose peaks and ridges; fossil forests of Tertiary origin; woodlands mainly consisting of ilexes, downy and cork oaks, majestic chestnut trees, hazelnuts and walnut trees all concur to compose a garigue landscape, spotted with dyer’s broom, peony, thyme, digitalis and irrigated by important waterways and springs.
This territory reveals natural corners of great intensity, where seasons adjust the colours of the landscape and its hills: from the shades of autumn, yellow-brown and reddish, to the spring green, up to the purplish red of summer grapes. The chromatic diversity reflects the blooming prosperity of pastures and the long rows of vineyards that, in meandering paths, draw the gentle outline of the hills. The urban centre is surrounded by several tree species, including cork oaks, characterizing the amazing countryside.
This wonderful setting is now and then marked by granite monoliths (the so-called ‘spurs’), by the imposing massif of Gennargentu and by valleys where rivers and streams flow.
Two areas neatly symbolize the landscape: the first is mainly farmed with vineyards; the other one – extending towards Sorgono, Tonara and Belvì – is covered by maquis and woodlands, such as the areas of Sa Costa, with thick woods of downy and cork oaks, ilexes and the rare holly, and the locality of Su Pranu, with its century-old ilexes and monumental downy oaks.
Local fauna can still live and thrive undisturbed here; animal species include several groups of mouflons – a symbol of Sardinian fauna – and other mammals such as the fox, the wild boar and the hare.

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